Seldom Heard
If didn’t know good music….Now you know!

Upcoming Shows

Ah right yall… I’ve been workin’ really hard to put this together. It’s the “Seldom Seen” list of live performances to go along with the “Seldom Heard” performers! I do solemly swear to “try” and keep the calendar updated and accurate. If you know of something that’s not on the list, holla at a sistah!!! If your town/city is not fairly represented, holla at a sistah!!! Do you see the running theme? Just holla at a sistah… in efforts to keep good music flowing. Just click on the link below and you’re in business. Corresponding links to venues are provided in the “Hot Links.”



Seldom Heard Calendar




2 Responses to “Upcoming Shows”

  1. C…
    It’s about time folks were put on to the classics of Seldom Heard. I love the site and know this is only the beginning. First off, Erro is the greatest (and thanks for the previous cats clip) and he blessed the crowd with a private birthday CD of some rare gems that will make you want to dance naked in the rain (Yup), but you haven’t shown any love for Franklin Bridge who is now on the “Making the Band” show (you know I love Curtis ‘the Sexy Rockstar’) or Raheem DeVaughn who is performing at SOB’s in NYC soon. Also I checked out Mint Condition and loved every minute of it…Look out for their new album in March. So get to it and let the good people know that they haven’t heard anything till they’ve check Seldom Heard.

  2. Well… Ms. Aliya, thanks for the support. I try. Like I said-I love music, but beyond that, I love good music and that’s what Seldom Heard represents…GOOD MUSIC. So yeah folks, spread the word and spread GOOD MUSIC.

    “If you didn’t know good music…Now you know!!!

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