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Soul ID

October 26, 2007

I received an email regarding this group a week ago.  The email was entitled “The Best Soul Album of the Year.”  Family the author of the email did not lie.  This is one of the best soul CD’s of the year.  Run don’t walk-get this CD.  It’s the brain child of 4 vocalist from Belgium, […]

Jean Baylor

October 22, 2007

Family…Do yourself a favor and go to and download “Testimony :  My Life Story.”  There are so many things right about this project.  It’s divine, PERIOD!!!  Ms. Baylor takes you all the way there.  It’s like a melodious dream with all the pleasing visceral feelings.  Listen…you cannot hear Jean sing and walk away not […]

Roy Hargrove

October 20, 2007

  This is truly for the grown and sexy! So…if you’re grown, but not sexy this may not be for you and if you’re sexy, but not grown, this definitely is not for you! Roy Hargrove hits the world heavy with his RH Factor Projects. Just when you thought jazz was for your parents, Roy […]

6 Degrees of Separation

October 16, 2007

Ok family, I don’t know if it’s really 6 degrees of separation, more like 3 or 4, but I do know there is still something to be said for backup singers really being as talented as the featured artist/s. Folla me now… Let’s see, you have Lady Jill Scott, who pens one of the hottest […]

PJ Morton

October 4, 2007

“Party Like a Rock Star!” PJ is rock star, meets soul, meets funk, meets one of the most superlative artist out there. Can you say baddest band in the land? PJ Morton has one of the most dynamic bands (Freestyle Nation-see “For Your Listening Pleasure”) around. Add that fact with his vocals and you get […]

Carol Riddick

October 4, 2007

You ever wonder why backup singers seem to have just as much talent as the featured artist, if not more? I can’t tell you I have the answer to this question, I’m just gonna tell you that the majority of backup singers or vocalists can really blow. In fact, it has been my experience that […]


September 28, 2007

Ah right…a link to this brotha’s site has been on Seldom Heard since day one and I haven’t said anything about him. I would have to say the absence of script regarding this brotha has everything to do with being so astounded by his artistry and not knowing what to say or adequately say it. […]


September 27, 2007

Okay…I’ve been biggin her up, providing links to her website and and video perforamances, but I haven’t really said anything about her. Well…I guess that’s because I don’t really know what to say, how to say it and honestly, there are no words to describe this sensational artist. As many of you know, I am […]

Chrisette Michele

September 26, 2007

My last communication was a mass text message about the Chrisette Michele project, “I am.” I hope everyone went out and got that!!! If you didn’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. I have talked with some of you about the project and most of you were/are feeling it. Others????? It must be a love […]