Seldom Heard
If didn’t know good music….Now you know!

My Passion

In the 1950’s the “B-Side” was introduced. It refers to the other side of a vinyl record. Yeah…I said it, “vinyl record,” (a.k.a. wax). What’s that, younger readers may be inquiring. Well…believe it or not before CD’s (the digital age) emerged on the scene in the 1980’s, music was stored on a phonographic vinyl record. These vinyl record had coiled grooves, which spun around (rpm-revolutions per minute) creating that marvelously satisfying Saturday morning cleaning music, your moms tidied the house to or that fierce Friday night fish fry music, your pops and uncle slammed the dominos down on the wobbly card table to. If I close my eyes, I can hear my mother singing off key to Jackie Wilson’s “I Get the Sweetest Feeling.” If I reminisce long enough, I can smell whitings frying and my dad exclaiming in unison with James Brown, “Poppa Don’t Take No Mess.” Those records and all other music in my house came in the door on vinyl. Even my older brother, the pretend DJ he was, starting collecting vinyl classics like, Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel’s “White Lines-Don’t Do It” and Afrika Bambaataa’s “Looking For The Prefect Beat.”

What was really interesting to me about these vinyl records was one-I was always being reminded to be gentle with the records as they could scratch easily and two the B-side of the record. Often the B-side had a song on it that wasn’t playing on the radio or a song no one was particularly interested in. Well…I was always careful with my parent’s collection, as not to scratch the records because I loved music and didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize my listening to it, independently of course. I also became quite skilled at perusing my brother’s collection without his knowledge or permission and not getting caught. In my autonomous use, I most often played the B-side. I can remember like it was yesterday, one of my favorite 45’s (tan label with black writing) was Dorothy Moore’s “Misty Blue.” The gut wrenching line, “deep in my heart, I know I lied, I lied….hmmmm). You see, I was more than one and less than five years old when that record was pressed, but I was really feeling it! Not only was I feeling “Misty Blue,” but the B-side record, “Here It Is” was just as tasty. “If you need some loving right now baby, then here it is!”

Accordingly, in efforts to give love and show love, “Here It Is,” family…a way to share with you those B-side records/songs in the digital age. I like to call them “Seldom Heard!” For those of you who have known me personally over the last many moons, know that I love music. I really love music! I love good music! I love music that speaks to my body, soul and mind, but more than that, I love to share that experience. I call it love. Love of an artist and an appreciation for what they do and share and love of my family and friends as I share with them the love another shares with me through song. Also those of you who have known me personally, have been the recipients of a collection I call “Seldom Heard.” I forget what volume I’m on, but it’s a collection of music I give as Christmas presents. It’s music I’ve listened to over and over and over and (get the point) again throughout the year, which received little to “no” air play (B side). But as I have always felt, no play doesn’t mean don’t play. In fact, the artistry represented in all my picks is S.I.C.K. (Stupid, Indignant, Crazy, Key). Remember that acronym! Now… I want to share these picks with the world. I wanna shout out some really talented artists, who produce really good music and might not always get the credit or recognition they deserve. So…”If you want some loving right now baby, here it is,” Seldom Heard for your listening pleasure!!!

Seldom Heard will recognize artists and music you may or may not know, but it will definitely give you some things to think about when you go to make your music purchases! What’s really important, is that you make a purchase and you love the purchase you make.

So….if you are still looking for that perfect beat, keep diggin!!!

Peace C


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