Seldom Heard
If didn’t know good music….Now you know!

Alice Smith

Hey Family…
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry….
I know it’s been a minute, but a sistah has definitely had some technical difficulties. Shout out to my sistah, the good Doctor, for hooking a sistah up and getting me in touch with the virtual world again. Good looking friend!!! AEH…

But I’m back and as always I come bringing presents. For real tho…Check out this young sistah “Alice Smith.” She’s fresh, contemporary, easy to listen to and really singing about something that is near and dear to everyone’s heart, L.O.V.E. Yeah-Yeah I know, everybody is singing about love, but Alice is not only singing about love, she’s singing about it well. She’s got talent family. Her voice is heavy and smoking, but youthful and charming. I liken her to Joss Stone. Alice has a great deal of versatility. Her sound will appeal to the Rock, Hop Hip, R&B in you. Once more, there is something real mature about her sound. “For Lovers, Dreamers & Me” is a Sunday lounge CD. Don’t let next Sunday catch you without it.


One Response to “Alice Smith”

  1. Hi all —

    Just to let you know, Alice Smith will be performing at Borders Columbus Circle (in the Time Warner Center in NYC; 212.823.9775) on Wed., November 28 at 7pm. She will sign copies of For Lovers, Dreamers & Me following the performance.
    Alice is phenominally talented, and we hope to see you there.

    Daryl Mattson
    District Marketing Manager
    New York City

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