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The Pimps of Joytime

pimps-of-joytime.jpgNever mind the group’s name, this is one of the “MUST HAVE” CD’s of the year! “High Steppin,” is just that, High Steppin… Like I said, I was on a long road trip and right when I was about to get tired, I popped this CD in and drove for the next couple of hours; car dancing!!! This piece of art is a delicate mixture of funk, soul, hip hop, and blues with a Latin feel. Is that what Zydeco is? I don’t know and I didn’t know I liked Zydeco music, but Family I’m tellin you, if you want a feel good, move ya body, get into it CD, this is it. The Pimps of Joytime, as I understand, is a cat from Brooklyn and a another cat from New Orleans, with a diverse band, who came together to give the world a taste of the down and dirty up north…

Ya heard me babe….


2 Responses to “The Pimps of Joytime”

  1. love them!

  2. The Pimps of Joytime are the most unique ‘group’ I’ve ever heard, and “High Steppin” is the best new album I’ve heard in the last 25 years. I liked it so much I bought three more copies for a friend of mine and both of my brothers (who all loved it and have recommended it to others). I guarantee – if you listen to any two tracks on this album, you’ll be hooked on the PoJT too. A solid, consistently eclectic, funky, kick-ass piece of work. Very talented musicians, not just studio performers… they are just as righteous in concert (check the various live clips on YouTube). I have yet to play it for anyone who didn’t turn out to love it too.

    I anxiously look forward to their next album with bated breath. Word up!

    “Joytime… do you wanna have some?…”


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