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Don’t Call It a Come Back

They’ve been here for years! The smash dynamic duo Zhane (we all know how to pronounce it) may not be that premium twosome any longer, but that hasn’t stop them from being oversized on their own. Group members Renee Neufville and Jean Baylor (a.k.a. Jean Norris) have been laying down their own brand of good.

renee-neuville.jpgRenee has pretty much been the hot, jazzy, singer, songwriter, keyboardist, etc. for the RH Factor projects (See Roy Hargrove post).

jean-baylor.jpgJean Baylor dropped the much anticipated “Testimony: My Life Story” available at

So don’t sleep people- find these sistahs, wherever they may be. Find out where they will be performing (See “Upcoming Shows”) and the projects they are working on. After all, “It’s just a Groove Thang!


See “Hear or See Me Now” for great performances by Renee and Jean



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