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6 Degrees of Separation

Ok family, I don’t know if it’s really 6 degrees of separation, more like 3 or 4, but I do know there is still something to be said for backup singers really being as talented as the featured artist/s. Folla me now… Let’s see, you have Lady Jill Scott, who pens one of the hottest hooks for the Roots, “You Got Me” (Things Fall Apart, 1999). She doesn’t get to sing on the 1999 CD of course, as she is “Seldom Heard.” I know-shameless plug, but you get my drift. Anyhoo… Erykah Badu sings the hook, undoubtedly as everyone is on Erykah’s $#&%( at the time. No disrespect to Ms. Badu, she gets mad props for really being a pioneer in the new soul movement. Erykah comes through with backup singers, N’dambi, Yazarah (now known as Purple St. James) and Chinahblac. N’dambi simultaneously drops “Little Lost Girl Blues,” then later the sizzling double disc “Turnin Up & Cosignin.” Yazarah heats up the streets with “Hear Me” and “Blackstar.”

Chinahblac has yet to release a full-length project, but she should! Chinahblac is a ROCK STAR yall… You wanna talk about intense and talented. Ms. Chinah has the soul, the chops, the skill, the look, the everything. Check her myspace page Chinahblac Myspace and see/listen to what I’m talking about. I have frequently seen Chinahblac perform at SOB’s and other venues in NYC and every time, I go up to her and ask, when are you coming out with something? Get it…I’m a fan. So…a week or two ago I’m chillin, watching TV. I’m all hyped, Lady Jill is going to perform on some morning show. Low and behold guess who’s singing backup? Yep… Chinahblac. She’s on tour with Jill Scott right now so look for her.  Bottom line, find out how you can support this sistah and do it. She’s got it!!!

Your homework…

  • Get anything N’dambi


  • Get anything Yazarah


  • Support Chinahblac


See the Seldom Heard’s Calendar “Upcoming Shows” and find out where and when you can see these artist and more.


4 Responses to “6 Degrees of Separation”

  1. I think Chinahblac did have an un-released album…I have an album from here with 10 tracks but it’s as hard to find as a niddle in a heystack. But she is brilliant and really need the chance to shine as a solo artist.

  2. Hey Brotha Mike…
    Thanks for the info. I too do have what I call a “bootleg” of Chinahblac. It’s like a EP she sold at one of the concerts. I hope she can really get on; however, as her talent is undeniable. Let’s just keep spreading the word and maybe something can jump off.

  3. Yeah I saw her on tour with Jill and she was killin it!!!! The next night a friend of mine saw her in Chicago singing with Erykah Badu. Someone should interview her and find out what’s that like I heard Erykah call her The Vocal Director..she has to be like the hardest working most wanted background singer. She has a show coming up at World Cafe in Philly on Jan 1st I’m def trying to drive up for that. I hope she gets on too. Her voice is crazy!

  4. I just found out that The record you all are talking about is available on her myspace page..I believe it She’s recording a new album I believe she’s signed now cant wait for it to come out!

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