Seldom Heard
If didn’t know good music….Now you know!

Angel’s Bed & Breakfast

angels.gifAngel’s Bed and Breakfast
All Right Yall…It’s back!!! Get your catfish strips, collard greens & grits! Angel’s Cafe kicks off the fall season with it’s legendary Friday night jazz set. Every Friday night come through and check my girl, owner Angela Boney, as she serves it up right in the heart of downtown Albany, New York. Ms. Boney brings you live music, visual arts, superior food and a good feeling in your soul!

Yeah…ya thought Albany didn’t have flavor huh?

Don’t Sleep…of course unless it’s at Angel’s. Angel’s Café is not only the home of soul flavor with an urban appeal, but the Café extension gives shelter to the weary traveler! Part of the hype is a bed and breakfast different from all the rest. Make your reservations promptly!!! Also available: Sunday Soul Brunch and catering. Get There!!!


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