Seldom Heard
If didn’t know good music….Now you know!

Happy Birthday E-Bird

Hey World….

Today is my big brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday E…I thought I’d honor him with a little word and song. My brother is considerably older me. He was pretty much out of the house by the time I was 10, but we’ve always maintained a close relationship 🙂 . This is the dude who without doubt influenced my interest in music at an early age. He always went to sleep to Vaughn Harper’s “Quiet Storm.” And being from the boogie down, he was an original “B-boy,” equipped with a Kangol, British Walkers, Calvin Klein’s, Kazal’s and yes the back in style, name belt! I looked up to my brother so much. So when other kids my age was listening to the popular music of our time, I was thirsting for Spoonie Gee, The Cold Crush Brothers, Phyllis Hyman, A Taste of Honey, Change, etc. So to you my brother….Thanks for the music, which lives inside of me, called your love. I love you and happy birthday!

P.S. I know I still owe you a set of drums…..


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