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If didn’t know good music….Now you know!

PJ Morton

pj-morton.jpg“Party Like a Rock Star!” PJ is rock star, meets soul, meets funk, meets one of the most superlative artist out there. Can you say baddest band in the land? PJ Morton has one of the most dynamic bands (Freestyle Nation-see “For Your Listening Pleasure”) around. Add that fact with his vocals and you get “amazing.” I have seen this young, Grammy winning, songwriter, producer perform three times to date-in three different cities. Let me tell you, if I can get to it, I’d see him again and again and you get the point. Is it genealogy? I couldn’t write about PJ without mentioning his father is mega Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr. No wonder he has been blessed with superior gifts. PJ is like Prince on soul-gospel steroids. I can’t say enough about him. The music is original. The sound is innovative and the messages are spirit filled! Hallelujah!!!

PJ has two projects, “Emotions” and “Perfect Song.” Either (I suggest both) are great picks.


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  1. and he has a live cd coming out Sept 23, 2008!!! Preorder it on

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