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Carol Riddick

carol-riddick.jpgYou ever wonder why backup singers seem to have just as much talent as the featured artist, if not more? I can’t tell you I have the answer to this question, I’m just gonna tell you that the majority of backup singers or vocalists can really blow. In fact, it has been my experience that I find a gem when at a live performance and the back up vocalist is introduced, he or she blows and I just keep looking and waiting for that artist to drop. Sure nuf…I’ve never been disappointed. Carol Riddick is no exception! Heard her with Jill Scott and was propelled to new dimensions. As many know, I’m the biggest Ledisi fan and if you love Ledisi, you’ll love Carol. In fact, for those of you not into Ledisi as I am (can’t really imagine this), I’ll give you “ol skool” heads an association-Angela Winbush. Carol has that crisp, distinctive voice, with enormous range and octaves. For yall “nu soul” heads, your association is Syleena Johnson. Carol couldn’t be in betta company, but make no mistakes, she stands alone in her artistry. She is da bomb and her first project “Moments Like This,” will let you know why she should blow up! Spread the word…


2 Responses to “Carol Riddick”

  1. Words cannot express how talented Carol Riddick is! I have been fortunate to see Carol live in the past as a background singer for Jill Scott, but also in the present as an independent solo artist and Carol Riddick is nothing but the absolute truth! Her voice is simply amazing and the astounding ways she sings her songs will have your mouth on the floor. “Moments Like This” is definite a classic album for anyone that loves music! You will not be disappointed! Check out some of her live performances on

    For upcoming shows for Carol, check out her website at or

    Album is available on I-tunes and

  2. carol riddick is why i listen to music. if she could be heard on the radio daily instead of the same 10 songs they play, everyone would know what a true vocalist and song writer is. The pay to place music business is a joke and people are missing out on great artist.

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