Seldom Heard
If didn’t know good music….Now you know!

Josephine Sincere

josephine-sincere.jpgDo you have anything Sincere? Family have you heard this young lady? Have ya heard at least one song from this fresh and youthful yet soulful sistah? I’m here to tell you, Josephine Sincere is a voice to be reckoned with. Her three projects: “Feels So Good,” “Wildflower,” and “Jane (EP)” are ventures to behold. Josephine is from the city of brotherly love, where the music just seems to flow betta. Yall know I claim Philly as my second home so I’m really in support of a homegirl. She popped on the scene about four or five years ago. I got open from hearing one of her tracks, “I like It,” on a compilation. I was immediately sold. THIS YOUNG GIRL CAN SING!!!! Being the music lover that I am, I started diggin through crates, found her projects, made the purchases and I am not going back! I’m going all the way with this find. Josephine Sincere is everything a young star should be. She’s got talent, she’s got style, she’s got the chops to really serve it up. What she doesn’t have is the backing of mainstream. Let’s change that for this young lady. Support her! Tell everybody you know about her! Request her music! And I promise you it “Feels So Good!”


One Response to “Josephine Sincere”

  1. yeah, I’ve been down with JS for a minute now. her last CD “Wildflower” is simply AMAZIN’!

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