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Emily King

emily-king.jpgYo…she may be new to the game, but she is true to the game! Young, innovative, full of life; a life full of stories from the “East Side.” Honestly, I can’t tell you I went into the store to make this purchase, someone gave me this CD, and now I can “truly” say to that someone, “thank you.” This has been one of the better Gems I came upon this year. Look, she’s not blowing down the house with the biggest vocals, but she definitely has big vocal ability. She can sing and obviously write. There is something for everyone in Ms. King’s “East Side Story.” She took it back with a little Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine ,” and poured out her soul with jams like “Walk in My Shoes,” “Colorblind,” and “Business Man.” My personal favorite, would have to be “It Was You.” Heavy on the guitars, heavy on the sentiment, with equal parts of full, rich and consistent vocals makes me enjoy Emily King.


One Response to “Emily King”

  1. She MUST be getting luv in DC. She;s been here 8Nov. 2Feb8, sat 16feb, and now she is back agian 4 2 shows on Wed 5 March. Go EmK!

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