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If didn’t know good music….Now you know!

Chrisette Michele

My last communication was a mass text message about the Chrisette Michele project, “I am.” I hope everyone went out and got that!!! If you didn’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. I have talked with some of you about the project and most of you were/are feeling it. Others????? It must be a love thing and where some of us are at in that process! I could talk about that for hours, but I won’t. Not today anyway. Long story-short. Chrisette Michele is the @#%%^&! Understand this…she is twenty-something (a real low number), she can play the piano, she can sing, she writes and produces, she is classically trained, she can perform, etc. Chrisette is a multi-threat!!!! I guess the 3-things, which excites me most about her is, the heavy raspy voice. Look…. let’s be honest, raspy is sexy. Sex sells ! No seriously, the young lady is vocally talented! The 2nd thing, which may only matter to me, but her vibrato is S.I.C.K. (See “about” for translation). For real tho.. only true playettes like Ella, Billie and Sarah understood and could execute the skill of vibrato. For those not familiar with the term vibrato, it’s the thing some artists attempt to do, when they take the mic and wave it back and forth across their mouth to create a fluctuation in pitch on a sustained note. The thing is tho… true playettes and playas don’t did need to wave the mic back and forth across their mouth to make that sound. True vocalist can create that sound on their own, cuz they be bad like that. Chrisette is bad like that. Look…it just means that at a early age, she really has control of her sound-period. 3rd and final thing which makes me ride the Chrisette Michele band wagon so hard is her writing skills, which to me is a mere reflection of her understanding of different subject matter. Yeah she is young and when she’s doing her thing on tracks such as, “Like a Dream,” “Mr. Radio,” and “Let’s Rock,” it has that age-appropriate, up-tempo pop feel, but when she’s talking about “getting down on one knee” on the hottest track “Golden,” and “is the paper chase worth while” on the fiery track “In This for You,” I’m led to believe her momma and poppa did a really good job!


Peace C…


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